2019 Best Social Entrepreneur Award

On the 21st of November 2019, EDC- Ethiopia recognize Eskinder Mulugeta as "2019 Best Social Entrepreneur" on the Global Entrepreneurship Week. Food Secured Schools Africa (FSSA) is a social enterprise registered in Ethiopia in 2018. Founded by Eskender Mulugeta, an Agronomist with agricultural working experience in different East African countries such as Ethiopia, Uganda, South Sudan, DRC.


FSSA established the model of parent-led school gardens to ensure that even parents were able to access arable farmland from the school for gardening activities. The gardens were able to produce nearly 30 tonnes per hectare of vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, potato, tomato, beans ultimately feeding 3500 students through the school feeding program. FSSA believes that the school farms provide beneficiaries access to healthy, fresh, nutritious vegetables from the parent-led garden school program with the objective to end hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition. Furthermore, the parent-led school gardens impacted the lives of the 200 engaged parents by providing them skills training, entrepreneurial thinking, improved livelihood as well as a new sense for environmental awareness and sustainability. FSSA’s activities also impacted the life of around 50 teachers who were involved during the implementation of the school gardens and the sustainable management of its activities. Hence, seven school garden (if parent-led) can reach up to 200 parents and involve more than 50 teachers. Furthermore, women and marginalized community members take part in the capacity building workshops empowering them economically but also socially. On the other hand, FSSA specifically includes persons with disabilities and people from ethnic minorities in the school garden programs promoting the inclusion of marginalized community members.







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