Getachew G/Hiwot

Getachew G/Hiwot is a self-made innovator and owner of “Getachew and Yibralem Patented Creative Engineering”.  Five years ago, Getachew created what he called the “Hygienic Patient Bed” to assist his ailing father-in-law.

This innovation inspired him to focus on creating aiding tools that could ease the day-to-day activities of person with disability, elderly people and pregnant women such as mobile toilet, mobile shower, recliner chair, wheelchairs & patient beds with mobile sanitation system.Recently, he has appeared with a new innovative works to help prevent the spreading of the Coronavirus. Some of his innovative works include pedal operating hand washing tap, mobile septic tank and dead body washer sink.

Public hospitals and Covid Rehabilitation centres are the key customers of his products. “Getachew and Yibralem Patented Creative Engineering” has created more than 8 permanent job opportunities. Let’s promote local innovative solutions through mitigating the challenges of our innovators.

Getachew G/Hiwot

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